A Flourishing Downtown

Gregory lives near downtown Brighton in the area North of Bridge street. Keeping a thriving and robust downtown is vital to preserving Brighton's heart and history. While Brighton is growing Gregory will work to maintain the historic importance of having a downtown Brighton. There are many communities in Adams County without a downtown and  Brighton is fortunate to have this treasure. Gregory does not want
the North end of Brighton neglected while we grow in other directions.

Water Wise

Water is the lifeblood of any community. Obtaining the sources for water are very expensive here in the Front Range of Colorado. Having proper amounts of water is crucial as Brighton continues to grow. While the city asks its citizens to be wise with water usage, Gregory pledges to
have  the city do the same. No more watering parks at 2 p.m.!

Supporting Smart Growth

As our community grows the need to support the proper infrastructure
is key. Gregory will ensure any new areas built in Brighton will be supported with proper water, roads, and other necessary utilities.
While supporting growth Gregory is commited to the people he represents in Ward 2 and downtown Brighton.

The Small Town Feel

What makes Brighton a special place to live is that it has the small town feel. Keeping the close knit community and the agricultural aspect of Brighton is important to Gregory. Growth in Brighton will continue but the small town feel will remain as we value and remember our heritage.
Thanks for your support! We would love your help with placing a sign in your yard, joining our door to door campaign or making a donation. Thanks, Gregory Mills!
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